Pocket Option Review: Broker Highest Payouts

Pocket Option the broker with highest payouts. Here is the review.

Pocket Option Update September 2021

Dear Partner,
We are expanding our platform for a closer presence in global markets. Now, users around the world can access the Pocket Option trading platform using a unified domain on pocash: https://po.cash/smart/NBsHaX7rcA7Oqj
Using the new domain https://po.cash/smart/NBsHaX7rcA7Oqj, traders will automatically be redirected to the correct websites corresponding to their regions.

An incredible platform with the highest disburses in the industry today, often within a 95-98%. It is an exciting alternative from your old broker.

Here is PocketOption, the best and brightest, with core designs based on the same vein as the highly popular IQ Option, and an IFMRRC Russian license assuring fast and safe withdrawals !! Along with accessible trading on the weekends and a $50 cash voucher with no prior depositing.

Pocket Option has reduced minimum deposit amount for our clients from Asia to $10; clients from India can deposit as low as just $1

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New! Graphic update

Pocket Option Recensione. I più alti payout

Pocket Option was founded in 2017 and has perfected its platform to contemporary requirements by 2018.

This broker utilizes the latest features in providing a stable graph. An advanced program which promises no entry delays, as well as numerous forms of possible deposits available.

Demos with no mandatory registrations and accessible trading as low as one dollar. And unlike most competitors, the OTC market is open 24/7.

PocketOption offers a few premiums to those who have never been registered. First of which: You would be able to receive a $50 cash voucher with no prior depositing:



  • The extra conditions (see below) apply to withdraw.
  • To pass under our link, before opening the broker’s page, please delete your cookies.
  • You can waive the bonus at any time without losing the money committed (read below, bonus)

If you are not interested in the voucher, then bypass us and head into the normal link.

PocketOption in summary

  • Free Demo
  • Minimum Trade: $1
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • 100% bonus + $ 50 cash bonus without depositing (only for new members under a special link provided by us)
  • Charts: Area, Line, Candles, Bar
  • Indicators: Moving average, Bollinger bands, Alligator, RSI, Fractal, Parabolic SAR, excellent oscillators, MACD
  • Good available
  • Accept US traders
  • Does not depend on the ESMA

Telegram PocketOption Chat

Should you need further info and advice, keep the Chat Telegram in mind (new)

Pocket Option Chat Telegram EN

This is the Italian version with the signals service:Telegram Trading Signals


We immediately start observing the payouts that are really the highest seen so far, up to 98%, and most in the interval 95-98%!
There is practically no limit to the number of entries you can layout, but the maximum amount you can input per trade is $ 3000. In the last 30 seconds, you will not be able to reopen with the same deadline but to move on a new operation.

How come there are such high payouts, higher than other brokers?

The platform helps traders to win, and to encourage investing large amounts, accepting up to 80,000 admissions per minute (!). This allows for a large number of transactions per minute to cover the sources of liquidity, such as banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

But for the sake of the winners, where does the money come from?

If the trader wins his bet, the company will also succeed, as the Pocket Option earns on the basis of trading volume. The investment made by the trader is transferred to a “liquidity tank” from which the broker is paid. Example: 4% of winnings return to the broker.

Payout PocketOption fino al 98%

What is PocketOption

Pocket Option is a binary options broker owned by Gembell Limited, who is also operating the platform at present, a company registered with Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH with registration number 86967.

Gembell Limited is regulated by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC) under license number TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0116.

It should be noted that the IFMRRC is not a government authority, but an independent organization, therefore it is not an authoritative body such as CySEC, for instance. But since it seems that at the moment you are compensated without hassle, this standard should be enough.

Remember, however, that should a broker fail to compensate or attempt tamper with the platform against a trader’s interest, CySEC tends to wash their hands from the complaints, except for the very rare exceptions where they would be interested in putting fines. Leaving all platforms judged on their own merits and reputation!

Assistance (in addition to the chat): support@pocketoption.com

How to access the Pocket Option Demo

The demo is free. Before accessing the broker page, delete your web browser’s cookies, then click on our Pocket Option link.

The first time you enter the broker’s main page, you are to register an email and password (sign-up), before being able to utilize the demo.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit with Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney etc.. Withdrawal up to 3 working days without commissions.

If you are happy with the information we provided and should you wish to provide us with some contribution, you may register under our link (alter nothing).

  1. Shut the broker page if it is open
  2. Delete cookies (important)
  3. Register, and should you wish to certify your subscription, deliver your customer number to Annalisa, forzaforex@gmail.com

Pocket Option Deadlines and Trade Duration

Testing within the demo does not require much explanation. It possesses all the tools provided for any novice who is eager to start learning the game. Deadlines tend to range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, with six types of options served. M1 M2 M3 M5 M15 M30.

Shutting down 30 seconds prior to expiration.
The duration is indicated by the timer (countdown) to which these 30 seconds must be kept in mind. This timer updates every minute.

Pocket-Option.-Expiration Times


  • If I choose M5 (as in the figure) the trade would last 3m 35s + 30s, i.e. 4 minutes and 5 seconds.
  • If I choose M15, between 14 and 15 minutes, the time runs as indicated by the countdown, and I could enter at any moment. However, the duration of the trade decreases and will not fall below 14 minutes. The example in figure 13m 35s + 30s, ie 14 minutes and 5 seconds.
  • If I choose M1 and click as shown in the image, the trade will last 35s + 30s, i.e. one minute and five seconds. If I delay, the countdown continues up to max 30 seconds and starts again for another minute and a half. So M1 has a duration between one and a half minutes.

After the first entry into the trade, you will be able to open as many new positions as you want, even “repetitions”, all except within the last 30 seconds.

Where to check the trade

Click on the top right of “Bets”, then on “Placed Bets”

Expiration time

A very convenient function is the one obtained by activating the asset started during the trade:

activate the star to follow the trade
Activate the star to follow the trade

Where to check past trading

Click on the top right of “Bets”, then on “Closed Bets”

PocketOption. Dove vedo i risultati dei trade

Early closing of the trade

It is possible to close a trade in advance while monitoring the trade status (by clicking on the right, Bets). The button will only be active for the first 30 seconds.

Featured assets in evidence

A very convenient function is to highlight in the upper bar only the assets we are interested in, perhaps those with better payouts. Just click on the star next to the name.

Prepare the best assets in evidence (turning on the stars)
Prepare the best assets in evidence (turning on the stars)

Pocket Option Demo

With no expiration and a free demo easily accessible through a straightforward registration.
You are given a thousand virtual dollars to start with, and should the balance reach zero, you will be able to reset the demo back to one thousand by merely clicking on the balance button.

Recharging the demo account

Recharging the demo account

The Pocket Option Bonus

The bonus is 100% for the first deposit. To be cycled 50 times to the value of the bonus.

For example, should you place a $50 deposit and receive a $50 coupon, you will have to turn 50 × 50 = $ 2500 of trading. Only then would you be allowed to withdraw, so expect to make a considerable number of transactions, even if they’d be of a low amount.

The Bonus for the first deposit is 100%. Should you deposit the minimum required, that is $50, your account will be set at $100.

Bonus Pocket Option

Do not worry too much if you are undecided whether to ask for such a bonus or not.

Remember that you will be open to cancel at any time. Here’s what the service support has told us:

 you will be open to cancel the bonus at any time

In the FAQs we also read:

From the Pocket Option FAQs.
From the Pocket Option FAQs.

(translation in progress… (no Google) )

Bonus $50 Cash Senza Deposito

Questo importo di $50 viene accreditato a chi si iscrive per la prima volta sotto questo apposito link: Pocket Option Link $50 Cash

Abbiamo chiesto chiarimenti alla chat:

Dove trovo il mio numero cliente su Pocket Option?

Clicca sull’avatar (o sulla freccetta accanto), poi “Trading Profile”e sotto leggi il numero cliente. In questo esempio è 835424.

Dove trovo il mio numero cliente Pocket Option

oppure anche:

dove trovo il mio numero ID pocket option

Attenzione: se cambi il tuo Nick Name non vedi più il tuo numero user. Prendine nota, nel caso che abbia delle comunicazioni con forzaforex o con il broker.

Esempio di Trading con MT4

Non è necessario basarsi sulle candele di PocketOption per analizzare i grafici. Puoi ricavare il segnale di ingresso basandoti su Metatrader, dove avrai attivato gli indicatori che ti servono.

In figura vengono mostrate le finestre di MT4 e del broker affiancate. In questo esempio, la strategia HighLow ci dà il via del trade

Segnale di Ingresso da Metatrader per broker
Segnale di Ingresso visualizzato su Metatrader ed eseguito sul broker

Utilizzando due finestre nella stessa visualizzazione è bene “bloccare” in evidenza la MT4, in modo che non sparisca in secondo piano cliccando sul broker. Una semplice applicazione gratuita è Always On Top e la trovi facilmente su Google. Se non sei sicuro che sia la stessa, puoi richiederla anche a noi gratuitamente, per comodità. In molte nostre strategia il file è già incluso.

Deposito e Prelievo

Prima di passare al conto reale il consiglio è quello far approvare il documento di identità e la prova di residenza. Clicca su “Profile” nel menù e compila le caselle, carica i documenti ed attendi l’approvazione.

Upload dei documenti per verifica su pocket option

Una volta approvati i documenti puoi passare al conto reale. e depositare. Ecco un video di come effettuare il deposito e come richiedere un prelievo su Pocket Option.

Nota: con carta di credito sono permessi massimo 3 depositi al mese, inoltre viene applicata una commissione del 1,5%. Chiedere conferma in chat. Consigliati Skrill o Neteller, ecc.

Pocket Option paga?

Ho richiesto un prelievo via Skrill ed uno Neteller come prova, e sono arrivati subito, meno di un’ora. Riconosci il loro pagamento dal nome della società “Lamior Capital“. Altri hanno già prelevato (Gruppo Facebook forzaforex).

Prova di pagamento di Pocket Option

Trading Weekend

La piattaforma è aperta anche nei festivi e mantiene tutte le funzionalità. Il mercato ufficiale è chiuso, ma le contrattazioni avvengono comunque (OTC). Anche i tornei sono attivi.

Piattaforma Pocket option aperta weekend
Immagine ripresa di Sabato. Il grafico è attivo, così come i Tornei.

Segnali di Trading

La piattaforma fornisce dei segnali di trading ai quali si accede dal menù a destra.

Segnali di trading Pocket option

Osservando le freccette a destra si può scegliere l’asset con il miglior trend attivo. La sigla M1…M30 non è relativa al time frame ma alla durata del trade.

Segnali di trading Pocket Option
Eur/Gbp Uptrend deciso

Trade basato sul segnale di Pocket Option, quello suggerito nella immagine precedente. Eur/Gbp M15, ITM.

Attenzione: le indicazioni cambiano in tempo reale, quindi è importante cliccare in base al segnale del momento!

Pocket Option ed MT4: differenza

Si discute a volte dei valori di prezzo (e forma candele) tra broker ed MT4. Pocket ha una differenza (praticamente costante) di 1.4 pip. Invece Close Option (altro broker novità con $5 di deposito), ha la stessa fonte di MT4 e quindi i prezzi sono uguali. Su Close Option il payout su EurUsd (io qui uso solo questa coppia) è 87% fisso, le altre coppie non convengono, a parte Gbp/Usd.

Differenza tra MT4 e Pocket Option


Su Pocket Option ci sono i tornei anche nel weekend, alcuni permettono la partecipazione gratuita, come questo di sabato, premio $250.

Tornei di Pocket Option

Copia i Trader

Pocket Option tiene aggiornata la classifica dei migliori trader. Se non hai tempo per  studiare l’analisi tecnica e vuoi subito ottenere profitti, un modo c’è, copia i migliori!

Copia i Trader
Copia i Trader: la classifica

Lavora con Pocket Option

Puoi diventare ora stesso Partner di Pocket Option promuovendo anche tu tra i tuoi amici il LINK DI POCKET OPTION e guadagnando una percentuale sui loro

trade. Avrai accesso al pannello riservato dove tenere conto della tua situazione economica giornaliera e numero dei tuoi trader.

Contratto Pocket Option

Il contratto tra Pocket Option ed il Cliente

Prova subito il Demo Gratis

Demo Pocket Option

Puoi provare gratuitamente il demo di Pocket Option. Se ritieni inoltre che le informazioni che ti riportiamo di siano utili, questo è il link per risultare iscritto sotto di noi, oppure clicca sull’immagine (a te non cambia niente economicamente, ma a noi ci consente di lavorare).

Devi solo chiudere la pagina di PocketOption se la hai aperta, cancellare i cookies (importante), tornare sul broker ed iscriverti 🙂

In pratica: se non sei con noi, o ti registri per la prima volta: 1. Chiudi il broker (o riavvia il computer) 2. Cancella i cookies 3. Iscriviti (sign-in) 4. Comunicaci il numero cliente.



Se vuoi avere successo nel trading non puoi perderti le esclusive strategie in video e post, esposte in maniera chiara, semplice e tutte gratuite!

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